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Social Contribution

KnitPro's Commitment to Education The Apna School (Apna = Our)

We realize that proper education is a pathway to a good future. So, we created a privately funded school for children and young adults. Girls and boys from a number of communities, outside of New Delhi, are educated from primary though high school grades. An equal education is provided to our young girls and women in order to provide them with the same foundation for a good future.

Social Contribution - Apna School
Social Contribution - Apna School
Social Contribution - Apna School

We Nurture Dreams

Social Contribution - Richa dreams

Richa dreams of becoming a doctor in order to help her community. The education she's receiving at the Apna School is providing her with a solid foundation as she works to attain her goal.

Richa Gujjar


Social Contribution - Devyani Tyagi

Devyani's creative abilities are flourishing at the Apna School. A solid base in all her studies will prepare her for entrance into one of our fine art schools when the time comes.

Devyani Tyagi


Social Contribution - Namrata Malik

Namrata's ambition is to become an Engineer. Her natural aptitudes are being supported by the curriculum at the Apna School. She’ll be ready to apply for University study when she graduates.

Namrata Malik


KnitPro's Skill Center

We support the neighbouring community by providing them with job skills that serve their livelihoods and contribute to their family security.

KnitPro's Skill Center