Product Replacement

All KnitPro products are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

While we take all care to manufacture our products to the highest quality standards, in the rare instance of a product not performing up to expectations that is attributed to a manufacturing related reason, KnitPro offers the following customer service and return policy:

All defective products will be replaced by stores from where these have been purchased. Request for replacement should be accompanied by a dated receipt/invoice issued by the store.

  1. In the case of all needle sets, replacements will be provided for the affected needle and/or just the faulty part.
  2. In the case of Double Pointed Needles, KnitPro will replace the defective needle only instead of replacing all five needles.
  3. However for sizes up till 3.25mm where 6 DPNs are offered in Symfonie and Ginger, replacement will not be offered as an extra needle is already provided in the set to cover any defect.
  4. No replacement for damage is offered for needles subjected to undue stress such as severe pressure or being used as tools not related to needlework. Please remember that the smaller size wooden needles between 2.00 mm to 4.00 mm are fragile and need to be handled carefully.
  5. Majority of our needles and crochet hooks have the metric size printed on the main body of the product, however with on-going use the printing may lighten or wear off the products. Please note that this is not indicative of any defect in the needle and will not be considered a cause for replacement.
  6. Any discontinued merchandise will be replaced with a similar item, as available.
  7. The following items are not covered under our return policy:
  • Items not purchased through an authorized KnitPro dealer (e.g. eBay, Etsy, Amazon)
  • Non-saleable sample materials

If for any reason, the replacement cannot be provided by the retailer, then please fill in the information in the form provided below and we will get back to you about the future course of action soon.

We are committed to providing products of high quality and performance to all of our customers. Please do write to us at if you need any additional information regarding any of our product related policies.